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Social Media for Small Business

Why Social Media Is Important for Your Small Business

Social media has received a lot of buzz, and there is a lot of conflicting advice. Most of it is spread by “consultants” trying to get your business by pretending to assist you with social media marketing and other things. This is not a workable strategy for the majority of small businesses. In truth, there isn’t a lot of useful advice available for small businesses regarding how to approach the social media sector. This article’s guidance on social media is especially geared toward small businesses and non-profit organisations.

There is no doubting the importance of social networking and its benefit in increasing website traffic. But just because something is current and well-liked doesn’t imply you should concentrate all of your marketing efforts there, or even need to spend much time there. Nevertheless, every business should look into it, weigh its choices and then take at least some action.

Depending on what you want to accomplish on social media and how active you want to become as a business, this article provides you with many types of actions to take.

Register your business on social media

If the platform offers a link to your website upon registration, be sure to use it.
Prepare a “profile” picture (usually a square version of your logo). Create banner images that are suitable for each social media platform that are consistent with your business identity. Prepare a short bio or business description. 

Register your business on these social media platforms:

Facebook page



Reddit user & community

Pinterest (Upgrade to Business & make use of Bulk Pins)

YouTube (Make use of Handles)

LinkedIn user, pages & groups

Quora & spaces


Google Business Profile

Flipboard (Good for blogs/news. Requires 20+ article posts before you can submit your RSS)

The need to register and protect social media “usernames” (handles, screen names, etc.) for your business is growing almost as much as the need for domain names. Even if you have no plans to use any of these platforms, you should still register with them and protect your business “name” before others do. Registration for all of them is free and shouldn’t take more than an hour from scratch.

Create your first post

Make a single post or update on each of the platforms, provide a link to your website or contact information, and describe your goals. What those aims are will determine a lot of what you should say. Remember that social media for a small business is a highly personable platform, so keep your tone informal and welcoming.

Without a mobile smartphone, it might be challenging to participate in social media, which is not advised for someone running a small business. In order to interact effectively, you’ll need to be reachable outside of the confines of your workplace. Make sure to download every social media app available for your phone in order to stay current on your accounts and following.

Set aside 30 to 60 minutes each day to focus only on managing your social media. Additionally, you’ll need to find a means to monitor throughout the day and reply quickly to direct messages and mentions, which is why a smartphone is necessary. 

Learn about the communities and grow

Start friending and following individuals after you have the appropriate tools set up so you can learn and grow. Get a feel for each community and observe what they are doing. Facebook is very different from Twitter. As you see what is happening and begin to engage in the communities, these contrasts will become clear very fast.

There are several articles online to help you understand the distinctions between a @mention or a #hashtag, and each platform has its own customs.

Following individuals who are big in your communities, your industry and even your competitors is a smart idea. Start by following your close friends in real life. Getting a sense of each community is important in order to start developing a plan for how you will interact with each one. Occasionally, a single posting will be effective across communities, but other times, you may need to limit what can be posted where. You can obtain an impression by following more seasoned social “influencers” across platforms.

Do you need a place to start? Follow AdminIntel:




If we catch you there, we’ll follow you back, giving you a friendly face with which to begin communicating straight away. Additionally, by following our feeds, you can see how we utilise each platform and get a sense of what you might want to share.

Engage with your following

You’ve done your research on social media for small business and are prepared to go, so get out there and start interacting!

The greatest way to learn how to interact with your followers is to observe others, but we can provide some advice. 

Be helpful. In social groups, you’ll observe a lot of individuals asking questions. Please feel free to answer if you know the solution, have an opinion or simply want to learn more. One of the finest uses of social interaction is asking and responding to questions. You might be surprised at how frequently someone else in your field will respond to a query you have in a couple of seconds with a very specialised solution.

Be polite. Although this may seem apparent, it is significant to emphasise. It’s conceivable that occasionally you’ll hear remarks that are unpleasant and frustrating. Even worse, someone could verbally insult you or your business. Always be professional, and never make assumptions. It’s also crucial to bear in mind that while communicating via text, body language and vocal expression are completely lost. As a result, sometimes what could appear to be an insult may actually be a misunderstood joke.

Social media is an effective tool and running a business in the digital age may be quite beneficial if entrepreneurs, marketers or even bloggers make full use of this opportunity.

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