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Welcome to AdminIntel

Welcome to AdminIntel

Do you intend to launch a website or online community?

Do you want to learn from the greatest administrators in the world?

Or perhaps all you want to know is if the “SEO expert” you hired is acting ethically?

You are in the correct place.

AdminIntel is a community of administrators and webmasters that work together to share knowledge and advance their businesses.

This community not only provides all the knowledge you require, but it also has expectations for your behaviour.

Please go through this quick guide before you join the discussion and begin asking questions; it will help you avoid making a mistake and it will help you get the most of the community.

How to find quality content

Excellent articles on AdminIntel include anything from intricate search engine optimization techniques to maintaining a community. With such a wide range of topics covered, there’s a good possibility that your question—or one very similar to it—has previously been raised.

Tip: Please do a search for your query if you have one in mind. Asking a question in the community that can be answered with a fast search is typically regarded as poor form.

Use the search form first

The search box is located at the top of each page. Exactly enter your search term and press enter to use it, just as you would with Google.

Tip: You may also use the advanced search option if you’re having difficulties narrowing the results.

Our blog

Our blog is the ideal place to start if you’re interested in digital marketing in general rather than having a specific question.

The blog on AdminIntel will automatically provide all of the most latest information about digital marketing. You don’t need to explicitly opt-in to anything because it covers all of the different areas; if it’s relevant stuff, it will be there.

Getting your voice heard

There are a few straightforward guidelines that other admins follow when adding to discussions, and we’d want you to follow them as well.

If you disagree, do so politely

On the internet, heated debates have a tendency to get out of hand very fast. Everyone is sharing notes on how to generate backlinks one minute, and then everyone is this and that the next. The best course of action is to avoid the situation if you notice it happening. Leave it alone and make sure your account isn’t among those being banned when the moderators arrive. You may assist us by reporting discussions that are problematic.

Use appropriate grammar and spelling

When everyone uses proper language and spelling, a discussion is much simpler to understand. Don’t worry if English isn’t your first language; as long as you make valuable contributions, you’ll receive a fair bit of leeway. Please don’t bother if you’re going to write in all capitals.

Utilize the “Like” button

The “Like” button allows you to acknowledge other admins’ efforts without clogging up the conversation with one-line comments (such as “excellent advice,” “amazing idea,” “wow!”), etc. Without those one-liners, it is much simpler for other admins to read the discussion.

Tip: Using the “Like” button is better form than posting a brief thank-you to a member.

Check the thread’s age

Generally speaking, it’s best to create a new thread if one has been active for more than a year. As a result, administrators won’t have to wade through a thread of conversation that is several years old before coming to your contribution.

Tip: Start a new discussion instead of commenting on one that is more than a year old.

Starting a discussion

It’s time to start a fresh discussion if you’ve looked for what you need and been unsuccessful.

You must do these three things correctly in order to maximise the benefits of AdminIntel.

1. Write a descriptive title

Your title should make it obvious what you are asking about, what the issue is, or what the topic of the discussion is. Make it stand out since it will be the first thing that other admins will see and will determine whether they pay attention or not.

Here are some examples:

Could you offer suggestions to make my landing page more effective?Need help on my landing page
What is a legitimate, cost-free method of making money online?How can I earn money online?
How would you promote your community forum?Need thoughts
Can I utilise a WordPress landing page as a list-building tool for email marketing?WordPress
I’m looking for suggestions on how to make money with my new website.Help me

Tip: Making sure your title is precise and descriptive will ensure that you receive the greatest response from admins, who frequently dismiss threads with ambiguous or generic titles.

2. Describe your query clearly

You’re asking other admins to volunteer their time to assist you by starting a discussion, so make it as simple as you can for them! The more information you provide, the more chance they have of responding to your query, resolving your issue, or adding to the discussion.

I can’t advise you what to say because every topic is different, however you might want to consider including the following in your description:

  • What do you believe the solution is?
  • Attempts you’ve previously made
  • Information about your company or circumstance
  • Additional details you’ve previously discovered about the issue

Make your description as long as you want it to be; threads with longer descriptions frequently get more responses.

Tip: The most typical reaction to a brief and vague description is to request further information.

3. Select a relevant category

Reading through the list of options carefully will help you choose the category where your discussion will receive the most responses. If you’re unsure, simply choose the “Site Administration” category; when our moderators see it, they’ll relocate it to where it belongs.

Complete your profile

You should fill up your profile as soon as you feel comfortable using AdminIntel so that other admins can know that you are a dependable and respectable member of the community.

You can benefit from having a complete profile because administrators occasionally cooperate and work on collaborative projects. That is considerably more likely to occur if your profile is fully completed.

The majority of individuals include their profile photo, location and current project.

Private messaging and other members

We never suggest posting your email address on the forum. Since this is a public forum, disclosing your email may expose you to an unprecedented amount of spam.

You can send a private message to another admin if you need to get in touch with them. Although most issues and clarifications would be best answered in the main forum, we are aware that there are occasionally exceptions, so you should generally have a really good reason to PM someone.

Hovering your cursor over a member’s username will cause a pop-up with a button to say “start a conversation” to appear.

If you’ve been subjected to harassment or spam through private message, you may report the offender right away by clicking the report button in your inbox or by sending an email with more details to [email protected] We’ll track them down and ban them.

The bottom line

Before you make your first post, we strongly advise you to review our rules and guidelines. This will help you avoid being criticized, having your post removed, or, in the worst case scenario, having your account banned.

It’s likely that one of the links below will provide you with any more information you require:

Thank you for reading, and welcome to AdminIntel!

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